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"I take pride in serving the community one person, one group or agency at a time."
Sharea Farmer, LCSW


The culture at the RS Counseling & Wellness Center (RSCWC) is driven by values and principles. At RSCWC, our goal is to offer a special blend of expertise and client-centered care that encourages emotional, spiritual, physical, social and intellectual wellness.

RSCWC’s core values incorporates our beliefs as a center of excellence in human service and social work. Our overarching principles of empowerment, enrichment and education combine to offer a lifelong impact to those we serve.

Our Approach:

All of our programs are based on the idea that self-esteem influences all aspects of our lives. How we think about
ourselves determines how we think about others.

If we are able to acknowledge our inherent self-worth and hold
firm in the belief that we are capable of learning, changing, and growing, then we can live more peacefully and more


Consultant & Training Services:
Created on the theory of “Empowerment,” our training and workshop programs can be adapted for the particular needs of your program or organization. We offer personal and professional development programs from an empowerment and social work foundation. Our programs are important to self-development for individuals and professionals, as well as hands on tools for their service populations.
Professional Development:
Building staff strength from an empowerment foundation can positively affect your organization’s bottom line, and
increase job satisfaction and retention—which increases workforce productivity.

One extra added benefit for
employers in training workers to build their skills in these important areas are employees will feel great about themselves and their ability to make healthy choices in their lives, resulting in a healthy workforce—another
cost-saving measure.

(CE available) Social workers participating in these courses will be eligible for continuing education clock hours based on the course description. Certificates will be awarded after completion of full training, and course evaluation.
Leadership, Business Consultant & Coaching:
We work to improve Employee Wellness, Racial Equity and Inclusion, and Trauma-Informed Practices. Our unique focus of empowerment, enrichment, and education creates transformative experiences whether working with your executive leadership team, your supervisors and managers, staff, or the entire organization. RS Wellness has developed employee resilience plans, and trauma-informed care programs for state, public health agencies, private corporations, and educational groups both locally and nationally.

In our recent projects, we have been responsible for leadership coaching, leading the development of Racial Equity committees, Anti-Racism initiatives, and trauma-informed approach in supervision in both Philadelphia and New Jersey based public health and nonprofit agencies. Other clients include for these initiatives executives, professionals, spiritual leaders, and individuals seeking healing and wellness within their system.

Benefits of Contracting with the
RS Counseling & Wellness Center

 A professional and effective distribution of appropriate clinical, therapeutic services for your clients
 Trainers who provide workshops with expertise and excellence that are designed to develop your staff’s skills and achieve desired outcomes
 Increase staff job performance and satisfaction
 A free phone consultation prior to your contract of service, to outline needs and better understanding of your desired services.
 Additional benefits: inclusion of your event information on all our social media outlets, including a write up about event in my blog. (public events only; to increase visibility of event)


Sharea Farmer is the Founder and Executive Director of RS Counseling & Wellness with over 15 years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker. Her training includes: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Theory, Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Her expertise in both clinical and administration has allowed her to work in the private and public sectors as an advocate for employee wellness, Diversity & Inclusion, Race Equity and Trauma Informed Practices. Her unique practice that focuses on empowerment and education creates transformative wellness for her clients that range from executive leadership teams to supervisors to staff. RS Wellness has developed employee resilience plans and trauma-informed care programs for state and public health agencies, as well as educational groups both locally and nationally.

The workshops and courses created by RS Wellness are the key to a healthy trauma-informed workplace where everyone can thrive. Courses fall under four categories: DEI, Social Work Continuing Education, Trauma Focused and Wellness. Although each course is tailored to its specific subject matter, the courses provide curriculum, assignments, video and affirming activities.

In recent projects, Sharea led the development of Racial Equity committees, DEI and trauma informed supervision in both Philadelphia and New Jersey based public health and nonprofit agencies including Access Matters, Philadelphia Futures, The Ladipo Group, National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, NJ National Association of Social Work and more. This led to assisting those agencies with the development of their trauma informed and diversity and inclusion strategies.

Sharea currently works in a practice setting that caters to Black and Latinx women, although not exclusively, as well as couples and adolescents. Her empowerment approach focuses on helping people identify and bring out their distinctive strengths while overcoming barriers to happiness and success. Her goal is to help clients create a quality life filled with purpose and self-love. Sharea encourages clients to embrace the concept that wellness and happiness lies within our control.

Although Sharea is not accepting new one-on-one counseling clients, she is always looking for new partnerships with organizations, government agencies and corporate clients interested in healing and wellness.

Sharea received a BA in Sociology from Rider University and a Master’s of Social Work from Rutgers. She is an adjunct professor at Rutgers where she’s been teaching since 2014. She is on the World Childhood Foundation Advisory Board for a two-year term from 2021-2023. On the board she’ll have the chance to use Equity & Inclusion lens to determine program eligibility for
funding in the area of preventing sexual exploitation and abuse of children. You can find her press, publications and presentations here.

Sharea lives in New Jersey with her husband. She enjoys all things basketball, live NBA games, traveling, coloring and spending time with family and friends.

Services for Staff

Professional Development Trainings
Half-day or full-day professional training workshops designed specifically for your staff

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

Self-Care & Wellness related subjects
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (Racial Trauma, Anti-Racism & Racial Equity) 
Trauma-Informed Supervision, Trauma-Informed Care in Clinical Setting
✔ Setting & Maintaining  Boundaries 
Effective Verbal and Written Communication (ex. Emotional Intelligence)
Trauma-Focused Wellness and Workplace Resilences 
Trauma Informed approach to Racial Equity and Inclusion work. 
Continuing Education Unit (CE) Approved Trainings
Professional Development Trainings open to all professionals in addition to your staff. Your agency can charge a fee to outside professionals and agencies to attend trainings and receive CEs.

Benefits include:

New income source for your agency
Greater staff retention and satisfaction as it fulfills their training requirements for their professional degree.
Networking opportunity to provide agency visibility and marketing.
Clinical Case Management Supervision
Group clinical supervision of staff to specifically discuss cases and professional situations.Increase knowledge on population and area of service
Increase staff job performance and satisfaction
 Facilitated Employee Support Services
Employee-based Affinity and/or Supportive groups.Increase knowledge in Challenging Conversations
Create and maintain a safe and supportive space. 
Increase staff job performance and satisfaction
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